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The knife clip prevents accidental loosening of the knifeLocking Lever - This holds the knife in its intended position. 

Without a clip, some recipes may experience strong internal oscillations/vibrations, causing the lever to come loose. If this happens, the contents of the mixing bowl can run unhindered into the device and cause serious damage.

Installation takes just a few seconds: all you have to do is slide in the clip on the back of the mixing bowl. The lever is thus fixed.

Made from high-quality, heat-resistant plastic.

Suitable for Monsieur Cuisine Plus

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71 Reviews for Knife clip for Monsieur Cuisine Plus

  1. Kerstin K (Verified owner) -

    Great thing, no knife can slip anymore. Great idea. I hadn't seen it anywhere. Price-performance ratio was ok, very fast delivery. Gladly again.

  2. Oliver K (Verified owner) -

    Very good part if the lock of the knife is worn out

  3. Natalie Bischoff (Verified owner) -

    Very useful and easy to install.

  4. Barbara (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly!! So the knife can no longer come loose and everything stays tight! Super fast delivery.

  5. Sabrina (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery, part works

  6. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fulfills its purpose, finally the MC doesn't leak anymore

  7. Klaus B (Verified owner) -

    Simple solution and so successful

  8. Heidi H (Verified owner) -

    Thanks to the knife clip, my food processor works perfectly again and ordering and delivery was also uncomplicated.

  9. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    I am very happy to have finally found the knife clip. This means that my Monsieur cuisine is fully operational again!

  10. René (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery and great product

  11. Marcel (Verified owner) -

    Delivery was very fast, part fits perfectly. Machine is tight again. There were gummy bears too! Everything perfect.

  12. jacqueline (Verified owner) -

    Top fits perfectly and also easy to handle. The machine is now tight and operational again. Delivery also fast and uncomplicated despite the holiday.

  13. Sedate (Verified owner) -

    It's all ok. item as described

  14. Roland (Verified owner) -

    That part is really great

  15. Stephanie Uhring (Verified owner) -


  16. Liana (Verified owner) -

    Shipping faster. Fits great.

  17. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Very fast delivery the part fits perfectly everything is ok again

  18. martin e (Verified owner) -

    very good solution, very valuable, fast delivery and very inexpensive

  19. Verena (Verified owner) -

    Fits great and does what it's supposed to. Thanks

  20. Anonym (Verified owner) -

  21. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fast, fits, great!

  22. Jens (Verified owner) -

    I can finally use the MC again without leaking liquids.
    The knife clip isn't cheap, but it's very useful.

  23. Corinna (Verified owner) -

    A great invention

  24. Svenja I (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery! My rescue for the MC, the clip fits perfectly! Absolute purchase recommendation

  25. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Perfect, no more annoying leakage and subsequent cleaning of the kitchen.

  26. Martina S (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery - item fits - no problems

  27. Werner Torman (Verified owner) -

    Very fast delivery, perfect fit and functional.

  28. fetish (Verified owner) -

    Everything went smooth and fast with the delivery. Even bill and gummy bears

    But it was a different problem for me, so the return went smoothly. This is not always a matter of course. Think that distinguishes a good company. Anyone can deliver, but how do you deal with problems? cooperative right? Return flawless!

    PS: They even tried to analyze my problem and help to fix it!

    So everything is great!

  29. Daniela (Verified owner) -

    Very fast delivery to finally I can puree soups again without fear because the knife can no longer come loose. Thanks very much!

  30. Monika Indlekofer (Verified owner) -

    Everything great

  31. Dieter D. (Verified owner) -

    Simple and awesome

  32. Otmar (Verified owner) -

    Very fast delivery, everything fits

  33. Angelica E (Verified owner) -

    Perfect for fixing the knife!

  34. Jessica R (Verified owner) -

    Perfect! The knife always rattles itself free, which broke Monsieur's clutch! Now it stays where it belongs!

  35. Dorothea (Verified owner) -

    Fits and works great. class

  36. Ilona A (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly

  37. Anita (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly and prevents the knife from loosening. Serves its purpose exactly

  38. Julia (Verified owner) -

    Great, great, great!!!

  39. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fast, suitable, uncomplicated

  40. Iris Jakobs (Verified owner) -

    I am very excited. The clip does its job perfectly.

  41. Iris Jakobs (Verified owner) -

    I am very enthusiastic, the delivery was super fast, the clip fits correctly in the MCPlus. I would buy here again if I need anything.

  42. Andreas (Verified owner) -

    3D printed part is very tight. Pot is tight again! great

  43. Nina B (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery. The part fits perfectly into the opening provided on the bottom of the pot, thank you very much.

  44. Wolfgang (Verified owner) -

    Excellent delivery, as described. Haven't been able to try it yet. But it fits like a glove!

  45. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Works great

  46. Klaus Muder (Verified owner) -

    fast delivery, everything great

  47. George H (Verified owner) -

    Fits right where it belongs. My tinkering with how to get the knife fixed is done. Great!!!

  48. Cornelia (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, knife clip fits perfectly

  49. Bruno Koch (Verified owner) -

    The knife clip works perfectly. No more liquid spills. The part should be enclosed with the Monsieur Cuisine as standard. Super fast delivery. very satisfied.

  50. Ursula Struwe (Verified owner) -

    All good

  51. Claudia E (Verified owner) -

    Delivery and functionality is great. Only the price could be a bit cheaper for a product that looks like it just came from the 3D printer.

  52. Bengu K. (Verified owner) -

    Totally simple but perfect solution for securing the knife. Mine always came loose during cooking so the liquid leaked out.
    Since Monsieur Cuisine's customer service absolutely did not want to help me, even though I was willing to spend money, I am grateful to ExoBit for the solution.
    Shipping was super fast.

  53. Rene H. (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, fits 100%

  54. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery, super perfect fit and super cute giveaway on top - thank you very much!!

  55. Werner B (Verified owner) -

    The part fits perfectly

  56. Janine (Verified owner) -

    Does exactly what it's supposed to and I'm happy to use it again

  57. Marika (Verified owner) -

    I couldn't use my food processor before because the blade kept turning and boiling liquids ran out. Now it works like it did when Monsieur Cuisine was new. I'm very happy about it. It's fully operational again.

  58. Jacqueline O (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly

  59. Ursula K (Verified owner) -

    Delivered super fast and the clip fits perfectly, thank you

  60. Claudia Müller (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, everything OK!

  61. Nicole L. (Verified owner) -

    Everything great. Fast delivery. Gladly again.

  62. Manuela R (Verified owner) -

    Very friendly contact, fast delivery

  63. Martina (Verified owner) -

    Fast shipping - fits great and works perfectly

  64. Petra (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly again

  65. Oksana (Verified owner) -

    A great idea for little money.

  66. Hartwig (Verified owner) -

    accurate and appropriate

  67. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    It worked great.

  68. Uta G (Verified owner) -

    I ordered two knife clips and I'm really happy! Such a simple little thing and such a big impact. The knife no longer detaches a bit from the pot. The clip has a notch at the bottom so you can easily get it out of the pot again, perfect 🙂

  69. Olga D (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, everything fine. Thanks

  70. Nadine L. (Verified owner) -

    Perfect part! The knife kept coming loose, resulting in flooding. Stuffing something underneath was only an interim solution, this knife clip fits perfectly and reliably prevents the knife from coming loose!

  71. Roswitha M. (Verified owner) -

    Fits great

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