Knife clip for Monsieur Cuisine Connect


Delivery time: about 2-3 working days
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The knife clip prevents accidental loosening of the knifeLocking Lever - This holds the knife in its intended position. 

Without a clip, some recipes may experience strong internal oscillations/vibrations, causing the lever to come loose. If this happens, the contents of the mixing bowl can run unhindered into the device and cause serious damage.

Installation takes just a few seconds: all you have to do is insert the clip on the back of the mixing bowl into the existing guide. The lever is thus fixed.

Made from high-quality, heat-resistant plastic.

Suitable for all Monsieur Cuisine Connect models that do not have a knife safety device in the base (if you have any questions about compatibility with your device, please feel free to contact us)


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257 Reviews for Knife clip for Monsieur Cuisine Connect

  1. Katrin (Verified owner) -

    Everything went very well!

  2. sabine s (Verified owner) -

    Great, now I can use the mcc again without the liquid running out. Many Thanks

  3. Aileen Difloe (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly. Thank you very much 🙂

  4. Anna Lena Kreckel (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, nice contact

  5. Charles K (Verified owner) -

    Super great thing I originally had clips that unfortunately quickly broke through, so the blade can no longer be detached thanks to this great invention! Simple, inexpensive solution without having to buy a new pot

  6. Vanessa (Verified owner) -

    Great part! Finally the knife no longer loosens.

  7. Sophia (Verified owner) -

    Works great!

  8. Catherine S (Verified owner) -

    Very stable. Fits perfectly!!!

  9. Beate S (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, compact part. Fits perfectly.

  10. Maria (Verified owner) -

    fits perfectly and serves its purpose

  11. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    OK for the price.

  12. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Really great and good value for money

  13. Madeline K. (Verified owner) -

    Unfortunately, it was a bit difficult to put on, but I have a strong man at home

  14. Emanuel (Verified owner) -

    Everything perfect, super fast delivery!

  15. Leo Z (Verified owner) -

    It's really great, no more loosening of the knife and no more leaking of liquids

  16. Nicole (Verified owner) -

    It fits perfectly and I can only advise you to buy something like this. Knife now stays where it should be

  17. Melanie H. (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery!

  18. Stephan (Verified owner) -

    Great invention! Works perfectly!

  19. Karen D (Verified owner) -

    Tippitoppi and works great! Thanks very much!

  20. Sarah S. (Verified owner) -

    Very satisfied. Fits perfectly.

  21. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Does what the product promises

  22. Sabrina (Verified owner) -

    Fast shipping, great product

  23. Hans Georg Burek (Verified owner) -

    Perfect fit

  24. heike w (Verified owner) -

    Finally the knife doesn't shake loose anymore, sits super tight, but I'm curious to see how long the part can withstand it.

  25. jens b (Verified owner) -

    Hopefully now a permanent solution. Already the third version of you 🙂 the first two only lasted for a short time and otherwise resolved themselves

  26. Denise (Verified owner) -

    Simply ingenious, the knife is finally firmly in place and does not come loose in the middle of the program.

  27. Helene (Verified owner) -

    sticks, but works

  28. Kerstin (Verified owner) -

    Finally the knife doesn't come loose anymore. A great idea.

  29. Sylvia Luderitz (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery and good hold

  30. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Everything great. I am very pleased.

  31. Valerij (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly!!

  32. Each (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly, sits tight! Super fast shipping!

  33. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Simple and effective, great product.

  34. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Everything great. Very fast shipping and absolutely helpful article

  35. Anja Bonsch (Verified owner) -

    fits perfectly! very stable!

  36. Jasmine (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, product highly recommended - the knife is stuck again. Conclusion: Gladly again 🙂

  37. Tanya W. (Verified owner) -

    The delivery was super fast even before Christmas! The part fits perfectly into the machine, the knife no longer comes loose and nothing leaks out. I'm super satisfied!

  38. Dieter (Verified owner) -

    Delivered quickly, and fits very well, is for the 2nd pot

  39. Heather (Verified owner) -

    Perfect fit, only 4 points because of postage

  40. Marina (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery, great part. Finally everything stays where it should be.

  41. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Simple but ingenious solution. Fast delivery!

  42. Dirk Kader (Verified owner) -

    Was absolutely satisfied, fast and reliable, super product

  43. Uwe (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly. Good price and fast delivery. I am very pleased.

  44. Mike K (Verified owner) -

    Great idea and absolutely perfect. For the 10' it's really not worth constructing and printing yourself.

  45. Elke M. (Verified owner) -

    Everything worked out great, order and delivery perfect .. but the part will not be available until Christmas...

  46. Tanya M. (Verified owner) -

    I found the ExoBit knife clip tip on Facebook because someone had the same problem with the Monsieur Cuisine Connect as me. At high speeds, the closure of the blade insert becomes loose and the mixing bowl leaks.

    Knife clip ordered, inserted (simply press on it firmly) and the clasp is tight. Since then the mixing bowl has been tight. Problem solved, it couldn't be easier or cheaper 🙂

  47. Benjamin G (Verified owner) -

    The production costs are not even one euro, but the ingenious idea alone is worth ten 🙂

  48. Nicole N (Verified owner) -

    Small but oho !!
    Great part, serves its purpose perfectly!
    Fast delivery, nice communication !!

  49. Ramona S (Verified owner) -

    Shipping faster. I am very pleased. Finally no more annoying knife loosening. Only to recommend.

  50. Alexandra B (Verified owner) -

    I recently bought the knife clip because the knife always comes loose during a kneading process. The knife clip fits snugly and holds the knife where it should be. Installation was very easy and shipping was very fast. Many Thanks.

  51. Linda A -

    Super fast delivery, the knife clip was great but unfortunately my pot didn't fit in anymore.
    Error on my part, I have the new model and it is integrated there.
    So it had to be returned, and the return process also went smoothly.
    Thanks a lot for this.

  52. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly.

  53. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Uncomplicated and fast delivery + the clip works great!

  54. Rita R (Verified owner) -

    I had the previous one and it was good, but this one is way better, it's really tight, perfect! The delivery was fast and uncomplicated as always

  55. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    The clip holds very well and does not fall off after use. Long-term use will show how good the quality really is.

  56. Daniel (Verified owner) -

    Everything went well and quickly, works great with the item

  57. Sandra Kaufman (Verified owner) -

    Just awesome

  58. Elena (Verified owner) -

    Everything perfect

  59. Anne (Verified owner) -

    Fits and is much more stable than the U-Clip that is available from A*****. Many Thanks.

  60. Sabine (Verified owner) -

    I am totally excited about the product. My pot is tight again. Too bad Silver Crest doesn't draw attention to it. Discovered it by accident. Everything went well. thank you very much

  61. Verena (Verified owner) -

    Fits great, finally nothing leaks anymore.

  62. Holger R (Verified owner) -

    Nice friendly contact.
    Super fast delivery.
    Good product.

  63. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Goods are as promised. Fast delivery, everything is fine!

  64. Jennifer H (Verified owner) -

    Great part and fast shipping.

  65. Tanja G. (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery * great part * fits perfectly * finally I don't have to worry anymore after my jam ran out * thank you very much * I will also order for my replacement pot *

  66. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    The clip is easy to attach, fits perfectly and using the MC is fun again. Thanks for that!

  67. Christina (Verified owner) -

    Easy to assemble.
    Price-performance top.
    Shipping faster.
    And finally no more leakage. Thanks.

  68. Stefanie (Verified owner) -

    Everything went great, always happy

  69. Marc L. (Verified owner) -

    Works great!!!

  70. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Thank you for the fast delivery and the particle is awesome! Now I feel safe again with my Monsieur Cuisine Connect! Thank you!

  71. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    A little difficult to attach, but then it fits perfectly and holds the knife properly.

  72. peter f (Verified owner) -

    The knife clip is a bit difficult to position at first, but it fits and holds very securely. A worthwhile investment for the loose knife attachment in the Pseudo-Thermomix, whose price-performance ratio I am completely enthusiastic about, except for the knife attachment. Now I can cook with it again without hesitation.

  73. Anonym (Verified owner) -


  74. Sebastian S. (Verified owner) -

    Product attached directly. Holds bombproof! Great gadget!

  75. Ursula Guggenberger (Verified owner) -

    Everything great!

  76. Ulrike Schmenger (Verified owner) -


  77. Buckskin (Verified owner) -

    Everything is wonderful, the wedge is of very high quality and heat-resistant. Shipping was super fast too. Thanks very much! 🙂

  78. Eve N (Verified owner) -

    Works flawlessly

  79. Marcel (Verified owner) -

    OK, everything as expected

  80. Gerlinde B (Verified owner) -

    Everything went well. The clip fits very well, from ordering to shipping I was well informed about the order status.

  81. Oliver K (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly and does exactly what it's supposed to!

  82. Julia (Verified owner) -

    Good quality, does what it promises, I can only recommend it.

  83. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Very uncomplicated. Fast delivery

  84. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fast shipping... Everything great...

  85. Daniela G. (Verified owner) -

    The product is great, I feel safe when it's on.

  86. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Great part, works very well

  87. Maryna (Verified owner) -

    It works perfectly. Everything perfect. And thank you for the fast delivery.

  88. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    The knife is finally stuck. The knife kept coming loose after mixing. I was always concerned that the food would get into the device or that the device would be damaged by the loose screw connection. Because I had this problem before and sent in my defective device. Sending in the device because of damage to the mixing unit and the replacement of the blade cost me around €10 postage, I had 2 days to find the right box, brought it to the post office and queued for 2 hours ….
    Unfortunately, this knife also came loose again.

    Thanks to the knife clip, however, it is now firmly in place and the clip can be easily removed again after use. Thank you for your "thinking" and for making this useful tool.

  89. Jonas (Verified owner) -

    great part Fits pretty well on the Connect and prevents further messes.

  90. Annkatrin Franck (Verified owner) -

    Fits super .... I have not tried it with the part ....
    Had a clip and it broke after using it a few times.....I think since it's more compact it won't happen now.....

  91. Ulrike Ochmann (Verified owner) -


  92. Lisa (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, fits perfectly, everything is great

  93. Jasmine D (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery. The product fits the device perfectly.

  94. Sylvia D (Verified owner) -

    Super simple, inexpensive solution for loosening the knife at Monsieur Cuisine. The knife stays in place and no more liquid leaks out.

  95. Sandra B. (Verified owner) -

    The revised version is significantly more robust and fits perfectly. I do not want to miss it anymore .

  96. Jens R (Verified owner) -

    Very good!

  97. Joseph G (Verified owner) -

    Everything is fine, super fast, good goods. Thanks

  98. Anonym -

    Prompt delivery and easy returns

  99. Kerstin P (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery, on 14.04. ordered and on 15.04. the delivery came. Of course I tried the clip right away, am positively surprised and very satisfied so far.

  100. Erika (Verified owner) -

    A bit difficult to use, then perfectly fulfills its purpose. Thank you very much

  101. Kerstin B -

    Super friendly goods...again any time...

  102. Nathalie (Verified owner) -

    Product, purchase process, delivery - everything was great! 🙂

  103. heike g (Verified owner) -

    Fits exactly. The whole process was great, ordered, delivered quickly and the quality was also good.

  104. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Works well, just a pity that something like this is needed.

  105. Tanya Westphal (Verified owner) -

    Great the part. I'm excited

  106. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Nice service

  107. Andrea Hofbauer (Verified owner) -

    Incredibly fast shipping, great product. Always my pleasure.

  108. Alexandra (Verified owner) -

    If it's a little tight, it holds up really well. Does what it's supposed to. Great!

  109. Stephen G (Verified owner) -

    Everything was great and very nice contact

  110. Each (Verified owner) -

    Prompt delivery, fits as described

  111. Gerd (Verified owner) -

    Delivered quickly! Clip fits perfectly!

  112. Daniela H. (Verified owner) -

    I had the problem that the knife always opened slightly when using it. With the knife clip, constant checking has become superfluous. I can only recommend him. Easy assembly and fast shipping.

  113. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly and serves its purpose perfectly

  114. Sascha B (Verified owner) -

    Goods well packaged (reasonable shipping costs), fast delivery. product as described.

  115. Michael (Verified owner) -

    top part

  116. Maria A. (Verified owner) -

    Great purchase

  117. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fits and sits great.

  118. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Does what it should, good workmanship, fast shipping. Gladly again

  119. Stefanie J (Verified owner) -

    Just great, fast shipping, nice contact

  120. Lucia K (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly and also secures the knife very well. Now the knife can no longer loosen! Excellent!
    I can only recommend it for the Monsieur-Cuisine Connect!

  121. Klaus Gueth (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly. Great quality!

  122. Nina (Verified owner) -

    Super, small part big effect

  123. Thomas Turrina (Verified owner) -

    Small, high-quality plastic thing with a big effect, I'm totally thrilled, highly recommended!

  124. Sonia G. (Verified owner) -

    Very fast delivery and the clip fits perfectly

  125. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Very good accessories

  126. Rita (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly, delivery came within the specified time frame, I am very satisfied the "thought" that the knife could come loose has been resolved thanks to this safety device, thank you again and again ❤️

  127. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly.

  128. Dagmar Vogt (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly

  129. Helga B (Verified owner) -

    Fits great, thank you!

  130. Birgit Schreiner (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly

  131. Catherine K (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly!

  132. Marcelina K (Verified owner) -

    Just mega this thing

  133. Tamara (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly, everything is fine.

  134. Anonym (Verified owner) -


  135. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery
    The clip perfectly ensures that the knife does not come loose

  136. Sandra Lutjens (Verified owner) -

    Unfortunately, the first part arrived broken but a new clip was sent without hesitation. I can't say anything about durability yet.

  137. CATHERINE FORET (Verified owner) -

    Très pratique pour éviter que le couteau ne tombe

  138. Doris Gruber (Verified owner) -

    Ordered for the 2nd time, this time for friends. Everything fast and reliable.

  139. Pascal (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, fits great

  140. Doris Gruber (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery. The small part is very helpful.

  141. Daniela G. (Verified owner) -

    Absolutely amazing. Thanks

  142. Simone Brockmeier (Verified owner) -

    Perfect. Nice contact and prompt delivery. Gladly again.

  143. Dagmar L (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery. Fits perfectly. Top

  144. Sandra (Verified owner) -

    Great part! I'm glad I ordered it...

  145. Liana (Verified owner) -

    Absolutely brilliant and top quality

  146. Britta M. (Verified owner) -


  147. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    It's holding up great so far, I'm impressed.

  148. Beatrice (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery and it's rock solid.

  149. Beate T (Verified owner) -

    Very good. I would order again

  150. Charline S (Verified owner) -

    Great service and fast delivery, highly recommended!

  151. Anonym (Verified owner) -


  152. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Works very well

  153. Christiane (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery. Clip fits perfectly

  154. Torsten E (Verified owner) -

    Good idea. The knife is now finally firmly seated, even with strong vibrations.

  155. Stefanie (Verified owner) -

    The clip fits perfectly and prevents the knife lock from slipping open during vigorous activity.

  156. Andrea (Verified owner) -

    Everything is fine, fast delivery and the part fits

  157. Anja B. (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, fits perfectly and serves its purpose

  158. Andrew Roth (Verified owner) -

    Fits great... simple solution but price-performance is fair.

  159. Petra (Verified owner) -

    Fits great. The delivery was quick and easy

  160. Diana (Verified owner) -

    Everything was great and thanks for the gummy bears

  161. Anna-Lena (Verified owner) -


  162. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    The delivery went really well and the knife clip for the Monsieur Couisine fits perfectly. Many Thanks

  163. Stefanie L (Verified owner) -


  164. Nadine K. (Verified owner) -

    Thanks for the quick delivery. The clip is so great! Finally no more knife loosening

  165. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly

  166. Anonym (Verified owner) -


  167. patricia l. (Verified owner) -


  168. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    perfect ………………………..

  169. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Easily adaptable.

  170. Irene (Verified owner) -

    Looks good, easy to use, can't say anything about durability yet.

  171. Simone G (Verified owner) -

    Again fast delivery and great item. Gladly again!

  172. Sandra (Verified owner) -

    Small part with a big effect. Excellent ! Many Thanks

  173. Carolin S (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery. Sturdy little part that does its job exactly. Sent in a letter, therefore low postage costs.

  174. sabine u (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery. product ok

  175. Silke Paul (Verified owner) -

    Is useful

  176. Sandra S. (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery, item fits perfectly

  177. Sabine Maier (Verified owner) -

    Works perfectly

  178. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Works great!!!

  179. Ralf Radtke (Verified owner) -

    Alles bestens

  180. Dorothee B (Verified owner) -

    Very good.

  181. Miriam (Verified owner) -

    Small clip - big help, especially with dough etc., I can only recommend it so far

  182. Nina E (Verified owner) -

    Very fast shipping and clip does the job

  183. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Small part, MEGA effect! Will order another clip for the times pot!

  184. Maria B. (Verified owner) -

    Good product, made to fit

  185. Dagmar J. (Verified owner) -

    Really great part, knife holds much better, especially with heavy dough. I can only recommend

  186. Alexandra Seal (Verified owner) -

    Great, fast delivery!!

  187. Michael (Verified owner) -

    Great part, finally the knife doesn't come loose anymore.

  188. Aline N (Verified owner) -

    Order was delivered very quickly. Clip is a perfect fit. Everything great.

  189. Cornelia L (Verified owner) -

    Everything OK

  190. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, everything is fine!!!

  191. Nadja (Verified owner) -

    Easy transaction and fast delivery. Fits like a glove!

  192. Maria H. (Verified owner) -

    Great part, works perfectly

  193. Elizabeth head (Verified owner) -

    Great, fits great and the lock finally holds

  194. Eyrie (Verified owner) -

    Great idea! Works flawlessly! I will mention it in the next video on my Youtube channel. Greetings from the kitchen magician

  195. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Works perfectly

  196. Annette (Verified owner) -

    very fast delivery

  197. Birgit Meissner (Verified owner) -

    Alles bestens

  198. Viola (Verified owner) -

    Small part, big effect! Fast processing and delivery!

  199. Ralf Radtke (Verified owner) -

    Everything is great, thank you

  200. Markus Anders (Verified owner) -

    Does what it should! Price, performance is ok!

  201. Claudia W (Verified owner) -

    Super part so the knife always stays fixed.

  202. Catherine T. (Verified owner) -

    Alles bestens

  203. Daniela W (Verified owner) -

    Thank you, the clip fits perfectly and solves a problem that in the worst case can cause a lot of damage. Great idea, implemented simply and ingeniously!

  204. Petra B. (Verified owner) -

    I really like it and the bright color makes it easy to find in my drawer

  205. Michaela K (Verified owner) -

    The clip is great and super fast delivery thanks

  206. Anonym (Verified owner) -


  207. Erika Greve (Verified owner) -

    Everything went well

  208. Helga T (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery and great part. Super easy to install and does what it promises.

  209. Verena (Verified owner) -


  210. Yvonne S (Verified owner) -

    No problems, fast delivery, everything is fine

  211. Claudia R. (Verified owner) -

    Very nice part! Great communication, great price and great service! Any time

  212. Sabrina Ferreira (Verified owner) -

    Easy to order, fast delivery and very good quality.

  213. Dagmar G (Verified owner) -

    Fits like a glove and does what it's supposed to do...highly recommend

  214. Gabrielle Spiller (Verified owner) -

    Fits great, nice contact, fast shipping. Gladly again

  215. Daniela W (Verified owner) -

    Thanks for this great simple solution!

  216. Sabine Herdin (Verified owner) -

    Simple and effective

  217. Ulrike (Verified owner) -

    Great part!!! Finally no more worries about the knife. Great!

  218. Silvia F. (Verified owner) -

    The clip fits perfectly and was delivered quickly.

  219. Melanie (Verified owner) -

    Great tool for the MCC

  220. Beate Bodewell (Verified owner) -

    Very nice contact. Very good service.

  221. Volker (Verified owner) -

    Super nice contact and very fast shipping. Only to recommend.

  222. Markus (Verified owner) -

    Very good idea and good quality of the goods

  223. Sabine (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly, fast delivery

  224. Simone G (Verified owner) -

    Everything went fine! Lovely again! Top!

  225. Each (Verified owner) -

    Very fast shipping, fits perfectly, thanks!

  226. Beate Bignet (Verified owner) -

    really great, thank you

  227. Tobias Radau (Verified owner) -

    Great anytime again

  228. Daniela (Verified owner) -

    The goods are really great, the shipping is very fast.

  229. Nadine (Verified owner) -

    Thank you for the fast delivery and the great product

  230. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Awesome little part

  231. Annette S (Verified owner) -

    Works perfectly

  232. Brigitte Stade-Korn (Verified owner) -

    Works great and fast delivery.

  233. Kerstin (Verified owner) -

    Everything is fine so far, thank you! The clip has already passed the first use test. Very easy to use.

  234. Holger R (Verified owner) -

    Simply great, the knife clip fully fulfills its purpose.
    Can simply be put on and taken off...

  235. Manuela G (Verified owner) -

    Everything great

  236. Michael Hassel (Verified owner) -

    I had exactly such a part in mind - according to the motto "someone would have to make it".
    Great tool - practical test is still pending.
    Very innovative! Well done!

  237. Marcella Wendeling (Verified owner) -


  238. Verena P (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly, great idea!

  239. Kerstin W (Verified owner) -

    Very fast delivery pleasant contact. Any time.

  240. Tatjana Paland-Breuer (Verified owner) -

    A perfect help

  241. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Everything went smoothly

  242. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    A brilliant idea, finally my improvisational solution with a wine cork is over and I no longer have to worry about the knife coming loose.

  243. Annett Peter (Verified owner) -

    Great part

  244. Ilona D (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, product works perfectly

  245. Anya W (Verified owner) -

    Fits perfectly

  246. Christiane (Verified owner) -

    Very fast shipping and fits perfectly! Thanks very much

  247. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Does what it should 🙂

  248. Carole E (Verified owner) -

    Small inconspicuous thing that fits exactly. Now I'm not afraid that the knife will fall out

  249. Elke B. (Verified owner) -

    Great part, keeps the knife great
    Always my pleasure

  250. Kathrin (Verified owner) -

    Great part!

  251. Ramona (Verified owner) -

    Works flawlessly

  252. Sylvia M. (Verified owner) -

    Simple and effective, great value for money

  253. Sina (Verified owner) -

    Great thing. Many Thanks

  254. Anja Bonsch (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery

  255. Sandra Kramer (Verified owner) -

    Super-fits 1a-lightning delivery

  256. Sarah Dekkers (Verified owner) -

    Fits like a glove without slipping. Small but powerful 🙂 Shipping was also super fast. Very satisfied 🙂

  257. Marianne K (Verified owner) -

    Everything great again!

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