Dough helper/dissolver for Monsieur Cuisine Plus and Connect


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Dough helper/dough peeler suitable for the Monsieur Cuisine Plus and Connect

With this little helper, dough can be easily removed from the mixing bowl.

To remove the dough, all you have to do is place the dough helper on the back of the mixing bowl and turn it back and forth. The rotating movement of the knife then causes the dough to fall out by itself.


Made from bioplastic for the sake of the environment.

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Weight0,018 kg
Monsieur Cuisine model

Monsieur Cuisine Plus, Monsieur Cuisine Connect

62 Reviews for Dough helper/dissolver for Monsieur Cuisine Plus and Connect

  1. Dorothea (Verified owner) -

    Fits and works great.

  2. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Does what the product promises!

  3. jens b (Verified owner) -

    Fits. But not further tested. But should serve its purpose

  4. Denise (Verified owner) -

    Since I often bake bread and cakes, this is a great relief.

  5. Helene (Verified owner) -


  6. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Everything great. Totally simple but helpful

  7. Marina (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery, gladly again. Dough solver fits perfectly!

  8. Tanja G. (Verified owner) -

    Super part and relief especially with dough. Delivery again very quick. Many Thanks

  9. Ursula Struwe (Verified owner) -

    All good

  10. Marika (Verified owner) -

    Since I make a lot of tough bread dough, this small part is extremely useful when emptying the pot.

  11. Marc L. (Verified owner) -

    Works great!!!

  12. Anonym (Verified owner) -


  13. Sasha K (Verified owner) -

    Everything is fine, does exactly what it should. Remove the dough easily and well from the pot. Item as described and speedy delivery. Everything perfect!

  14. Eva Noelting (Verified owner) -

    Everything optimal. The dough remover fits and does what it is supposed to. Delivery super fast.

  15. Hartwig (Verified owner) -

    perfect fit and does what it's supposed to

  16. Carmen G (Verified owner) -

    Does exactly what it should!

  17. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    The dough remover is great...!!

  18. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Nice and stable, does what it's supposed to

  19. erika s (Verified owner) -


  20. heike g (Verified owner) -

    Does what it's supposed to, I'm glad there's such a tool for the monsieur too.

  21. Elizabeth K (Verified owner) -

    Does exactly what it's supposed to. Everything great

  22. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Works well

  23. Andrea Hofbauer (Verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery, great product, always happy

  24. Alexandra (Verified owner) -

    Does warm should. A good solution to loosen the dough faster in the pot

  25. Maria A. (Verified owner) -

    The part is great and the shipping was really fast I can only recommend it

  26. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Good workmanship, fast shipping. 🙂

  27. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Very good accessories

  28. Dagmar Vogt (Verified owner) -

    Fits great and is easy to pack, just the right size

  29. Catherine K (Verified owner) -

    Fits and is easy to handle.

  30. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Serves its purpose

  31. Daniela G. (Verified owner) -

    Great, great part

  32. Liana (Verified owner) -

    Awesome, a huge relief. Quality unbeatable. Very high quality.

  33. Beate T (Verified owner) -

    Very good. I would order again

  34. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Very convenient

  35. Karina (Verified owner) -

    Serves its purpose

  36. Gisela Picek -

    I haven't experienced such great service in a long time.

  37. Petra (Verified owner) -

    Fits well, very helpful. Fast delivery.

  38. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Alles bestens

  39. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    works great

  40. patricia l. (Verified owner) -


  41. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    perfect ……………….

  42. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Works great.

  43. Irene (Verified owner) -

    Brilliant idea, good implementation.

  44. Jeannine (Verified owner) -

    Does what it's supposed to. Very convenient

  45. Michael (Verified owner) -

    Perfect part.
    makes it easier to get the dough out.

  46. Ralf Radtke (Verified owner) -

    Everything is great, thank you

  47. Anonym (Verified owner) -


  48. Erika Greve (Verified owner) -

    Everything went well

  49. Verena (Verified owner) -


  50. Dagmar G (Verified owner) -

    Excellent! Great tool for MCC owners.....

  51. Daniela (Verified owner) -

    The goods are really great and the shipping is really svhnell

  52. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Practical little helper

  53. Brigitte Stade-Korn (Verified owner) -

    Super gut

  54. Manuela G (Verified owner) -

    Great part

  55. Tatjana Paland-Breuer (Verified owner) -

    Really good

  56. Carole E (Verified owner) -

    A useful helper. Super fast delivery, gladly again. Thank you very much

  57. Sandra Kramer (Verified owner) -

    Super-fits 1a-lightning delivery

  58. Marianne K (Verified owner) -


  59. Rita H (Verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, great.

  60. Michaela W (Verified owner) -


  61. Silke B. (Verified owner) -

    Everything great….

  62. Anonym (Verified owner) -

    Everything great

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